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Meet Elta Pierre Louis

 At Jou Nouvo, we are dedicated to creating a cycle of full economic empowerment through education in our homeland, Bon Repos, Haiti. Helen Keller once said, “one we can do so little; together we can do so much.” It would be more challenging without our amazing team who has devoted time, effort, and themself to the community. Elta Pierre Louis, one of our precious members, was promoted recently, and we want to take this time to honor her. Join us on Elta’s journey with Jou Nouvo.


Elta Pierre Louis is a program coordinator at Jou Nouvo. She is responsible for the Adult Literacy, Child Sponsorships, and Business Microloans program.  This is Elta with her two daughters.


Elta’s journey with Jou Nouvo

Q: What does the promotion mean to you?

A: The promotion means a lot to me. It shows my ability that JN recognizes to let me do the job. And it allows me to provide more services to the community within this incredible opportunity.

Q: What does the woman leadership role mean to you?

A: My role as a leader is to share my knowledge, competence, and skills with girls and women in the community.

How did her journey begin? It all started with a speech from Kerline Auguste Tofuri, Founder and President of Jou Nouvo. “When Kerline came to our church and talked about Jou Nouvo and its education services, I was very interested in and wanted to be part of the program. So, I went to introduce myself to her and ask for a job opportunity at this amazing organization. I’m confident that I can coordinate the Adult Literacy program with my capability and passion.” said Elta.

Adult Literacy provides fundamental reading and writing classes to help improve literacy in Bon Repos. Over 100 men and women have learned Haitian Creole and French and developed vocational skills. Elta’s favorite part of the program is to teach adults, mostly women, who never go to school to read and write. “I love seeing these women be able to read church songs and sign their children’s report cards.”

Q: Your kid is involved in a JN’s program. Can you tell us more?

A: When Jou Nouvo started the child sponsorship program I brought my second child Keisha Brard to join right away.

Elta with staff & participants
Elta with students in Jou Nouvo’s library

Going to school is universal in most countries; however, but not so in Haiti. The Jou Nouvo Child Sponsorships program creates new hope for a child’s future through education. A sponsored child attends school, and over 90 children are currently getting an education. Some children are still waiting for an opportunity to go to school. Click here to learn more about a child, and then add their name when you request to sponsor.

With years of enthusiasm in the workplace, Elta has faced her biggest challenge. “It’s been very difficult to maintain work-life balance. I love working at Jou Nouvo but my family expects me to spend more time at home taking care of our children,” shared Elta.

Q: Do girls and women in Haiti have different challenges?

A: It’s also a balance between life and education for many women in Haiti. Women in the Adult Literacy program miss the afternoon class sometimes because they have to manage their business or life. Another challenge for women is being seen as responsible for the household and often times education and employment compete with that.

Elta with staff & participants 2022
Elta (black dress) with staff & participants of the adult literacy program

Q: What do you hope for the future?

A: I hope our children can continue receiving great education so that they can contribute to the community in the future. For adults, I hope all the training will help them to be capable of raising their children.

Media and publications often portray Haiti as a poor country. However, it’s not the whole story. “Haiti is a beautiful land. All the bad situations we’re dealing with right now are temporary. That’s why Jou Nouvo work, to make a meaningful difference in the local community, is most needed. I believe our services can be expanded to the whole country,” Elta states with passion.

The spirit of “Konbit” means working together as a team, a tribe, to complete a task until the end. By providing education and economic support to improve the quality of life in Bon Repos, Jou Nouvo will never stop bringing hope in the future. Elta and the JN team and staff are dedicated to our mission to make a difference in any circumstance… Would you like to help us create a cycle of hope for a new day?