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A Tour of Jou Nouvo’s New Community Center

Together we continue to create a cycle of hope and growth in our community. One motivated by education, gathering, economic development and most of all, HOPE FOR A NEW DAY.

Your Generous Contributions and Support Have Created This Beautiful Community Center in Bon Repos!

What we have done in the past 18 months full of challenge and disruption – has been simply incredible. Because of you, we have built a special place that will have a lasting impact on the community in Bon Repos. Now, we’d like to take you on a tour of our amazing new community center and update you on what, when you are dedicated to a mission, we can all achieve together. Come and take a look.

In August of 2020 – we shared with you our dream for a student center that we were making plans for.

As construction took place, the excitement of creating a new safe place of hope began to build!

In less than 18 months that “student center” became this community center which is already overflowing with life, education, and exciting possibilities! Jou Nouvo Community Center is open 6 days a week, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm.

In the joy of creating something so amazing, Jou Nouvo’s team and families have been dealing with the harsh realities that continue in Haiti. Today, our team, our students and their families are using extra caution to not be affected by gang violence within our streets. The need for security, financing, and community is truly forthcoming and our community center plays an important role in that.

More We Are Proud to Share:

Growing our Bon Repos-Based Team

Our local team continues to expand in number and talent. We now employ twenty-one (21) Haiti-based employees; including five (5) recently hired new team members to run the community center. We are proud of this direct economic empowerment since every team member is from the community. Our team continues to add strong female leadership. It is more balanced and diverse in age than ever before. We continue to raise funds to ensure we can sustain the growing employment base and financially support salaries for this amazing team.

Our Work Continues

Of course, our job is not finished. To ensure our Jou Nouvo family remains safe and protected, we are raising funds to install solar panels and additional building security measures as soon as possible. We also have an opportunity to complete work on the second phase; the unfinished first floor where community business opportunities and gatherings will take place. We still need to finish work on the kitchen to support entrepreneurial possibilities and, our library and computer lab need additional books and resources to make these valuable learning resources available to greater numbers of students.

Rise To the Match!

Members of our board, John Huycke, Kerline Tofuri, William Cass, and Liz Robinson are determined and dedicated to make our next steps big ones. In that spirit we are committing a $10,000 match hoping to have your support to raise up to meet ours. Help Reach the Match ! We are incredibly grateful to all of Jou Nouvo family and friends. As you can see, your generosity enabled us to create much hope, not to mention make astounding things happen over the past 18 months.

Please join us in the great pride we feel for these wonderful accomplishments.