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Get Involved

You Can Make A Difference

There is no act or contribution that is too small. We are truly thankful for any way you can become a part of our Jou Nouvo community. 
We welcome you to become an advocate and create an event to introduce us to your family and friends. Or, to volunteer with one of our programs by writing some grants, coordinating learning opportunities, or writing letters to thank our donors. Do you speak Haitian Creole or have an interest in teaching English or guiding leadership workshops? We’d love to have you tutor or mentor our students. Maybe you would like to sponsor a child’s education 
or donate to one of our many programs focused on the cycle of hope you can help create.

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A New Day
Become a Jou Nouvo Advocate

A Jou Nouvo Advocate is a friend to our mission. You play a key role in helping us spread awareness and amplifying our message. Any or all the actions below can make a huge difference to our cause:

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Volunteer with Us

Your willingness to volunteer and help us create a cycle of hope in Bon-Repos means the world to us. We are looking for those with professional experience and familiarity with nonprofit organizations. The contributions you make are appreciated and needed. Perhaps you’d consider helping us with one of the below:

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Create New Hope for a Child’s Future

By supporting a child’s education, you’re helping defeat illiteracy, you’re adding new confidence, you’re supporting new skills, and you’re creating new hope.

Your sponsorship of a child is only $42 a month and provides:

  • School Tuition
  • Food, shoes, and school supplies
  • Free medical care for the entire family
  • Nutritional supplements to malnourished children not in school
  • A selected school choice by Jou Nouvo staff in Bon-Repos
  • 100% of your child sponsorship donation goes directly to the family!
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Lespwa fe viv

Hope gives life