Jou Nouvo’s Mission

JouNouvo-New Day, Inc exists to help the extreme poor in Bon-Repos, Haiti attain independence and whole life improvement through education while retaining the spirit of Haitian culture.

The Jou Nouvo (JN) team believes that to achieve sustainable economic development, it is critically important to build a foundation of support through a grassroots community effort that provides basic living conditions, educational opportunities and entrepreneurial training.

Our Programs

Child Sponsorhips

5-10 new children are sponsored every year

Literacy and Health

8-12 new literacy participants register every year

Small Business Loans

3-15 new participants receive loans every year

Importance of Access to Education

In line with our mission and vision, all of us at Jou Nouvo believe that “access to education” is necessary for the development and future of a person and a country as a whole. We firmly believe that Haiti can and will only see better days when most Haitian children, youth, and adults have access to public schools—and when most Haitians can go to free or low-cost private-public schools or universities that offer quality education.