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Frequently Asked Questions

How much of my donation will go to the recipient child/family?

We are very happy to report that 100% of your donation goes directly to the child you choose to sponsor. The vast majority of all donations are invested directly into education programs to cover school tuition, books, school fees, tutoring, mentoring and leadership activities. Increasingly, with our vibrant new community center, we are also proud to be investing in highly qualified local instructors, class monitors and program coordinators to lead and inspire our students of all ages. We are committed to ensuring safety for all our children, students, staff and families which implies increasing budgets for after-school transportation (as needed) and enhanced security to operate. 

What is the commitment and how long are you expected to sponsor a child?

The commitment is to pay $42 per month or $500 for the year. You can pay for as long as you are able to, and every amount is helpful. When a sponsor is no longer able to pay, Jou Nouvo will ensure that every child who starts in our sponsorship program stays in school and is fully supported through high school. This commitment includes paying tuition, fees and all other program expenses through our general funds. This minimizes any disruption to a child’s academic experience. Of course, we hope our sponsors will stay involved in sponsoring their child for as long as possible.

Is the listing on the website up to date?

We do our best to keep the listing up-to-date. After you visit our child sponsorships page, if you see a child or children you would like to sponsor, simply click on the image, answer a few quick questions, and set up your payment terms. Our child sponsorship coordinator will get back to you to confirm your sponsorship, and the child you are sponsoring, and respond to any questions you may have.

How do you correspond with your sponsored child and his/her family? How often is it expected to correspond?

You can easily correspond with your sponsored child by sending a video or email to We also have the children send videos and letters back to their sponsors. For those who wish to do so, we are happy to organize Zoom calls with your sponsored child and your family.

Can you correspond directly with your child?

Sending and receiving mail through traditional methods does not work in Haiti due to its poor infrastructure, we help coordinate the communications on behalf of sponsor and recipient families.

Can you send a check to your sponsored child in Haiti?

No. The family of your sponsored child is not able to cash a check.

I have concerns about how to relate to a child that I don’t know.

If you have concerns about trying to relate to a child that you don’t know, please contact Kerline or Cathy, sponsorship coordinator to voice these concern(s), and together, we can figure out the best way you can connect and relate to your sponsored child and her/his family.

For all other questions, please contact Kerline Tofuri at

Se lè ou nan bezwen, ou konnen ki moun ki zanmi ou
Only in moment of need, you know who your true friends are