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A Key Member of Our Jou Nouvo Team

Meet Chrislie M. Rosier

Born and raised in Haiti, Chrislie Rosier is the Operations Manager and Mentorship Program coordinator at Jou Nouvo. Getting to do something she loves every day, Chrislie has always been motivated to make a positive impact on her community. Working often with the youth of Haiti, she is their constant voice of inspiration and reason, helping the rising generation understand the power of their words and education. “It’s not going to be easy every day,” Chrislie says, “but if you believe in yourself and work consistently, you will find your way out.”

Early Beginnings

Ever since primary school, Chrislie grew up with a catholic background and education. Once in high school, she boarded at Louverture Cleary School, where she learned to speak English. Here she had access to quality teachers and materials, and her time there was free of tuition charges. In a typical day at school, the students had one early morning motivational class, a cleaning period due to a lack of janitorial services, and an hours’ worth of community service. As teachers and doctors were often volunteer workers from the United States, the mandatory community service ranged from helping out at the local elementary school to translating patient-doctor communications and transcribing documents at the local hospital. Chrislie expresses that “all these experiences from my high school have pushed me to continue to serve the community”, the impact her education has left on her mindset shaping who she is today.

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"This is Priceless"

Every Saturday, when the kids don’t have school, the mentees of the mentorship program teach English, help the children write articles, and create the monthly Jou Nouvo newsletter. Incorporating guest speakers that promote leadership, the Saturday classes engage the students, allowing them to improve their self-confidence and assurance. As the coordinator, Chrislie’s job revolves around supervising all aspects of the program, from ensuring everything is in place to carrying out tasks accordingly. On one of her first days meeting the children, Chrislie quickly realized the difficulties they had expressing themselves; covering their mouths when they spoke, hiding their faces, or talking quietly. She told them to speak, to let people hear their voice, and it helped them understand the importance of their words. Later on, during a presentation the mentees had prepared for the kids, there was a clear difference in their behavior: instead of hiding away, they had lots of questions. Instead of talking in hushed tones, they became so loud they had to be told to quiet down to continue the presentation. This visible change and seeing the growth in her community is what Chrislie loves best about her job; “This is priceless”, she says.

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Making a Difference

In the community of Bon Repos, everything is set. The people have their homes, schools, and basic necessities that they cherish. A tight-knit community, Haitians thrive off of what they have built for themselves, and what organizations such as Jou Nouvo can provide for them. Although, having past and current instances of gang violence, Bon Repos is still susceptible to shootings and housefires. “Sometimes you have to run for your life.” Chrislie remembers, “Sometimes you have time to take your clothes, but sometimes you just run and stay at a friend’s place until it calms down.” In April of 2022, Chrislie experienced her first instance of gang violence, having to stay at a friend’s house to stay safe for almost 20 days. As Haitians fight for the peace and justice of the country, Chrislie and Jou Nouvo continue to spread their cycle of hope and perseverance. After several years advocating for the impact of schooling and determination, Chrislie will continue to help educate, enrich, and empower the Haitian community.