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Success of Jou Nouvo

Success of Jou Nouvo

Born and raised in Haiti, Kerline Tofuri is both the founder of Jou Nouvo, and a current member of the Board of Directors. Translating to “New Day”, Jou Nouvo is a non-profit organization that was first realized in 2007 to target the poor communities in Bon Repos, allowing them to gain independence and stability through education. Through a variety of programs and funds, Jou Nouvo retains the spirit of Haitian culture while staying strong when facing challenges due to political instability and natural disasters. In places where hope is often lost in the cycle of poverty, Jou Nouvo aims to teach self-sufficiency in the community, primarily with women and children.


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The Child Sponsorship Program

The Child Sponsorship Program is built to offer underprivileged children the opportunity of a whole childhood. Donations provide the kids with a paid school tuition, access to healthcare, proper meals, and shoes and clothing. The amount in the donation governs how much the family is offered: $38 provides a month’s cost of tuition and family healthcare, $150 provides three months of school tuition and the supplies needed, $456 provides one year of tuition, healthcare for the entire family, and supplies needed, and $2,500 supports the cost of a mentorship program that teaches a higher range of skills in language arts and leadership development. Sponsors in this program then may receive annual correspondences from the sponsored child, and have the option to visit them. With the efforts of Jou Nouvo, there are currently over 200 sponsored children going to quality schools throughout Haiti. The Child Sponsorship Program with Jou Nouvo is one of the first steps to changing the course of education and well-being in the communities of Haiti, allowing children the same opportunity to grow and thrive as countless others across the world.

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The Girls Scholar Program

While the children have the opportunity to be sponsored, women of all ages in Haiti need more support to allow them a full education. The unfortunate statistic writes that only 45% of Haiti’s adult female population is literate, and the average Haitian girl is only able to attend school until the age of 7. Teaming up with Circle of Women, a woman-run organization in support of girls’ education around the world, Jou Nouvo formed the Girls Scholar Program. As adolescent girls are often obliged to interrupt their education due to domestic chores or needing to contribute to household income, the GSP ensures that these girls are offered a secondary education. Bon Repos’s new community center allows girls full access to a computer lab, a library, and a multi-purpose classroom. In September of 2021, the first class of 61 GSP students began school; today, there are over 110 Jou Nouvo girls in the program, laying the foundation for future inspirational leaders.
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The Haiti Youth Education Fund

One of the important goals of the Haiti Youth Education Fund (HYEF) is to empower Haitian students to pursue higher education, enabling them to fulfill their aspirations. Tuition fees for a single semester at a university in Port-au-Prince can range from $300 to $750. HYEF allocates funds ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 per student for a four-year period, depending on their chosen program of study and the university they opt for. This comprehensive support covers tuition, books, a laptop computer, and other expenses that may arise. Beyond just providing supplies and a seat in the classroom, Jou Nouvo actively supports each student throughout their university journey to ensure their success. Reaching out to families, schools, churches and companies, Jou Nouvo enables direct engagement between the university student and their sponsor, creating a lasting and meaningful relationship over time. With 13 current university students pursuing their studies thanks to Jou Nouvo’s assistance, every contribution continues to fulfill hundreds of dreams.

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Rewarding Results

An unplanned flourish, Jou Nouvo was and continues to be a journey for the children. With many great accomplishments, all members of the organization are constantly learning from their volunteers, talented coworkers and board members, and the families they work with and support. Through the generosity of donors, Jou Nouvo has been able to shape the community it is today, supporting the ever-growing spirit of Haiti and what it means to be educated.
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