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Transforming an Empty “Field of Hope”

Jou Nouvo’s long-standing dream revolves around transforming an empty ‘field of Hope’ into Bon-Repos’s first Community Center to become a safe, central home base for Jou Nouvo’s education and economic empowerment programs. Inside will be a Computer lab for high school and university students, a library filled with books and learning opportunities for all ages, multi-purpose classroom, offices, a cafeteria to nourish students while creating small business opportunity, and much more.

The photo below shows Nikenson Romage, Jou Nouvo Program Director and William Saint-Juste Julis, Construction Foreman, proudly presenting this site full of community growth possibilities. We can’t wait to share regular updates with you on construction progress as this dream concretely transforms into a vibrant Community Center over the coming months. Follow this blog to stay up-to-date on the journey and transformation of the new community center in Bon-Repos, Haiti!