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Jou Nouvo Fundraiser November 18, 2021


Jou Nouvo. Nouveau Jour. New Day.

After such a challenging year for our beautiful Haiti, we are determined to continue the cycle of hope. Taking a step back and looking at all we have weathered; from political unrest, the loss of President Moise, the devastating earthquake, and so much more – it is difficult to see the positive of 2021. However, our students and staff in Bon Repos have not allowed the chaos around them to stop them from learning, growing, and building. They remind us to never lose hope and we invite you to see for yourself how they have persevered.

The amazing team at Jou Nouvo have been working hard on preparing our virtual gala “A Cycle of Hope: What does it mean to you?” This event will highlight the progress of Jou Nouvo in 2021 and give you access to see how your donations have and will continue to fuel hope. We know how important it is to each of you that a difference is being made in Bon Repos and now is your chance to see it. With so much planned the evening is sure to be full of excitement and joy.

There will be live speakers talking of their roles and experiences with Jou Nouvo, stellar raffle items being announced and awarded throughout the event, and we will be going live to Bon Repos to talk with staff and students! 

Without you, we could not be making such a difference. Our amazing students and staff are working hard and continue to succeed thanks to your support and donations. Below we have highlighted some of the amazing things to look forward to during our event.

Join us November 18th at 6p (EST) to share with us what the cycle of hope means to you.

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We will be checking in LIVE with Bon Repos

How exciting is it to hear from the wonderful people who are apart of our Jou Nouvo community in Haiti? It is so important to remember that all these brilliant minds need is an opportunity to shine. We will get to speak to one of our University Students, our Director of the Girl’s Scholar Program (GSP) Lynn Balmir, and a GSP student, and our Program Director Nikenson Romage. 100% of Jou Nouvo donations go directly to benefit this community.

Speakers like John Huycke, our Chairman of the Board



“What fills me with Hope for new possibilities is Jou Nouvo’s quality education model that continues to be enhanced via strong local and international partnerships to eliminate barriers to school access and reduce too-high dropout rates. Going forward, Jou Nouvo’s impact in the community is being expanded by planting fresh new seeds of Hope to trigger economic empowerment, create jobs, and improve the environment in Bon-Repos.” Read more from John here!

Did you know buying a ticket enters you in a raffle?

Register for an automatic entry into our stellar raffle! With amazing prizes such as dinner for two at Mastro’s Ocean Club and Del Frisco’s, a beautiful handblown glass art, $250 Visa gift cards, and impressive seats at TD Garden for the Boston Bruins and the Celtics. The winners will be announced throughout the event – register and get the chance to win!

Jou Nouvo remains committed to Bon Repos and has so much planned for the year ahead. Despite any challenge that may come our way, with your continued support, we are equipped to Educate. Enrich. And Empower.