In 2009, PID formed a partnership with Jou Nouvo to unite and respond to the needs of the poor in Bon-Repos, Haiti. Now PID/Jou Nouvo is actively working with the community to provide access to medical care, loans for small businesses, literacy programs for adults, and sponsorship programs for children so they may have the opportunity to attend school in the Bon-Repos area.

Jou Nouvo brings together supporters from the United States and experienced community leaders from Haiti to exchange ideas and work together in order to provide a venue and staff to teach fundamental literacy skills to adults. The program is accessible to those who, for the first time, want to learn to read and write in Creole, as well as those who wish to continue to improve their literacy skills. Additionally, the program will provide basic instruction to strengthen family health as well as guidance in economic development and stability supplemented with a small loan.

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