Who We Are

At Jou Nouvo, we are focused and advocating for “equal access to a good education” for the
families we serve through our child sponsorship and adult literacy programs in Bon-Repos, Haiti. We believe that education at any level, is an important step forward out of poverty for each child and adult, in particular all the women and girls in our programs.

Our Board of Directors presently includes:

Kerline Tofuri
JN Founder and President
BA Cultural Anthropology, Social Services Field, Family Advocate

Susan Ambrose
JN Vice President
BS in Psychology
Life and Relationship Coach

Michael Temple
JN Treasurer
M.B.A Finance. Investment Industry, Director of Research/Senior Portfolio Manager

Julie McPhillips
JN Clerk and Retired

Tiziana Polizio

Zac Rolnik
Entrepreneur and Publisher

John Huycke
Pharmaceutical Industry, VP Strategy

Frank Nielsen
Investment Industry, CFA Managing Director of Quantitative Research

William Cass
Public Relation

Our Haiti team presently includes:

Judith Sylvestre Merisier, Coordinator
Elta Pierre-Louis, Coordinator
Celimene Dalencourt, Literacy Instructor
Misline Letang, Literacy Instructor
Ferry A. Larose, Literacy Instructor
Narah Leblanc, Instructor
Gladys Desir, Instructor
Johanne Altema, Literacy Instructor
Dieunitte Demas, Instructor
Marie Relaine Dagencon, Instructor

Current Volunteer:

Marissa Tofuri, Coordinator of Child Sponsorship

Our Volunteers:

We are also grateful for the tireless commitment of our team of regular volunteers, who are
donating hundreds of hours of their expertise in areas including grant writing; coordination of
fundraising events; program administration and development; donation and collection of school
& medical supplies, website development; database development.

The Bon-Repos Community

Location: Bon-Repos, Plaine-du- Cul-Sac, located west of Haiti

Bon-Repos is about 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) close to Port-au- Prince, the capital of Haiti. Until
the late 1970s, Bon-Repos was known for its vast open space and its rich soil which was ideal
for agricultural production. Today, Bon-Repos is referred to as a poor suburb that is
overpopulated with minimal land left for farming. In Bon-Repos, private schools, churches,
shops, and open markets are in abundance. However, access to health clinics, no library, and
free public schools are very limited. Access to a good education is in decline, unemployment is
high, crimes, hunger, and multiple diseases continue to emerge at a rapid pace. As a result of all
these issues, Jou Nouvo was created to meet the needs and aspirations of the Bon-Repos